Pelissari Management Solutions

Pelissari Management Solutions: for all sizes of companies

Pelissari Gestão & Tecnologia provides the most complete portfolio of SAP® Solutions to your company. Focused on innovation, it is much more than just an application; they are solutions in mobility and analytical intelligence, so your business deals are granted flexibility and profitability to face the challenges of the world nowadays.

The size of your company does not matter. Pelissari always has an adequate solution so that it keeps you aligned to the most up-to-date resources in the corporate management segment, making your business processes dynamic and generating competitive edges.

Large-Scale Companies

Innovation and process optimization by implementing the SAP Business Suite solutions.

Pelissari is an approved as a service partner by SAP® for SAP Business Suite implementation projects, modular software compatible with business processes, developed so your company can integrate and execute enterprising strategies and IT side-by-side.

Thanks to the modularity of the SAP Business Suite, your company selects resources you wish to enable, thereby optimizing processes and assuring optimal performance.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

In order to grow, it is necessary for you to get structured. SAP BUSINESS ALL-IN-ONE is ideal for strengthening your business.

This is the best solution on the market for managing small and medium-sized business; the SAP All-in-One features reduced costs and implementation time. It is a simple and efficient solution Pelissari offers, and it is perfectly adaptable to your business model, so your company can guarantee the innovation of products and services and handle the complete management of corporate processes targeted at keeping you always competitive.

Pelissari provides you all the know-how your company needs to profit from the SAP Business All-in-One: Complete cycle: sales, implementation, and post-production support.

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