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Hello, welcome to our Ombudsman Channel!

Here you are able to register occurrences according to the kind:
Suggestion, Compliment, Criticism, Complaint or Another.

On each of the occurrences, you may opt for secrecy or anonymity.

Secrecy: Although you enter your data, they will be kept private by our Ombudsman team.

Anonymity: We don’t know who you you’re your localization or where you live. Considered anonymous, occurrences without name or that use nicknames/aliases. However, it is right for everyone don’t be identified, opting to keep the anonymity.

However, occurrences made by people who identify themselves are more likely to be cleared because allow, for example, direct contact from ombudsman with the user, looking for more specific information.

Moreover, anonymous occurrences are more likely to be archived, precisely because of the lack or shortage of any information (proofs or data). Anonymous occurrences will only be accepted after preliminary analysis from ombudsman and confirmation of veracity of evidence, basic condition to start the research process, according orientations from Federal Constitution, General law of Union and from General Ombudsman of Union.

The lack of user data makes impossible a final answer from ombudsman and may derail the process.

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