SAP Operational Efficiency

What is the Run SAP methodology?

It is based on good ITIL practices, the Run SAP methodology provides procedures, contents, training, and tools for End-to-End Solution Operations, employing proven implementation standards, focusing on the management of applications, business process operations, and the administration of SAP solutions

The Run SAP methodology implementation phases are:

  • Evaluation and definition of the scope
  • Operation design
  • Operation setup
  • Production delivery
  • Operation and optimization

Employing the RunSAP methodology, throughout the entire interface and life cycle of the software, guaranteeing availability, performance, data consistency, and transparency of business processes, benefiting your company by supplying a standardized and proven methodology that SAP has built based on 30 years of experience and over 35,000 customers.

Understanding the benefits of implementing RunSAP

Through the RunSAP methodology, Pelissari is even more competent in the SAP technologies, supplying support to its customers in the adoption of best practices in operating the SAP systems and providing such benefits as: increased efficiency and effectiveness, cost savings in property, increasing the dependability and availability of your SAP systems and utilization of tools and processes based on the ITIL standards. Besides this, with your documents on best practices for the solution operations, based on your business processes, the RunSAP methodology describes how to implement the solution operations end-to-end for different SAP software systems.

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