Enterprise Architecture

Pelissari provides its customers an Architecture Solution team. IT transformation is planned for a perspective from 3 to 5 years. The new architecture leads to developing new competencies for the business, better integration among applications, better quality of master data, and the construction of a platform for digitalizing business processes at a minimum level of risk and maximized performance.

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
Benjamin Franklin

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Just like in Civil Engineering, Solution Architects make the connection between the business owner and the sub-contractors to guarantee requisite quality.

When a requisite is created erroneously, no matter how good the technical solution is, resources will be wasted.

Investing in Enterprise Architecture is the best way to increase requisite quality and increase the efficacy of IT investments.

Excellence in IT services does not depend so much on how much is invested in IT, but even more, how these investments are prioritized for maximizing the added value to the business.

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The connection capacity among systems is based on the LEGO effect from the long term utilization of Enterprise Architecture.

This effect creates an integrated technological platform, which is more flexible to the extent of making continual innovation possible through the substitution of LEGO pieces integrated to the platform, maintaining the interface flow orientated by services.