E2E Consultancy

The SAP Support model at Pelissari adds value to the business of your customers by promoting agility in changes. The business commander sets out in a new direction and power providing power to the aircraft support, making fast changes possible and cost savings. SAP support is fundamental to achieve excellence in the execution of strategies.

  • agility-in-changes

What is E2E (End-to-End)?

This is a method utilized in the SAP support by Pelissari making it possible for IT to generate more end-to-end value: beginning with the quality of the requisite and ranging to the quantification of the benefit.

Outsourcing service management, coordination among suppliers and service levels, quantification of benefits, and RoadMap management:

  • RoadMap of the Enterprise Architecture;
  • RoadMap of the enhancements in the Business processes supported by IT;
  • RoadMap of the IT processes and Solution Manager (the IT ERP);
  • support management