Our success is your recognition

  • Jayrton de Lira Soares, CFO, GL Indústria e Distribuição de Alimentos LTDA

    “…Nossa satisfação começou a caminhar junto com a expectativa, pois os consultores e técnicos que vieram nos atender eram pessoas de grande conhecimento em SAP e nos processos industriais , inclusive em empresas de varejo e de alimentos.
    Isto ajudou bastante, pois na experiência deles , já havia o conhecimento das dificuldade que teríamos e não houve dificuldade de entendimento de nossas necessidades e do que precisaria ser feito para que o SAP atendesse as características de nosso negócio.”

  • Fabricio S. Mielke, Renault Architecture Manager

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  • Sergio Barreto, Cornélio Brennand Group CIO

    “We have been partners of Pelissari for about 4 years. This partnership began when we implemented a Pelissari fiscal product and thereafter expanded to the whole range of SAP products, ranging from support services to the implementation of new projects. We expect the partner to become an actual member of the IT team, who adds value to the business, and this is what we found in Pelissari in diverse ways: technical competence, commitment, and delivery consistence.”

  • Jamil Pastuch, Embraco IT Manager

    “Pelissari has worked together with our team for over 10 years and this relationship has been guided by confidence, delivery dependability, and flexibility in adapting to our business requisites. However, recently we expanded the partnership and nowadays Pelissari, is responsible for projects as well as complete Support to our final users, resolving doubts in running SAP and correcting errors.”

  • Alfred Gunter, Tupy CIO

    “Pelissari was selected by Tupy, as we had already worked with Pelissari on another project, and the success of that project was heavily based on that partnership. We ended up prioritizing Pelissari due to the experience it has in large-scale implementation and its performance in those implementations. We did not have expertise in implementing such a large project, and the SAP methodology Pelissari applies so well and it has brought about excellent results.”

  • Roberto Nascimento, Randon Corporate IT Manager

    “Pelissari was responsible for the implementation of SAP and all its modules and in all the Randon Group companies, after this period, it took over support and also the management and execution of the majority of the demand projects based on SAP stabilization.”

  • René Fantini, Renault Systems Manager

    “After contracting the Pelissari services, in the field of SAP Consultancy, we achieved high optimization ratings in our processes. The technical skill of the Pelissari team, as well as the differentiated service were determining factors for the success in our corporate management projects and, similarly, the increased performance of our company.”